Lockups on 8GB TakeTV

I wanted to check if anyone else has encountered this before I call tech support.  When trying to view Divx encoded movies I’m having random lockup issues.  On one particular movie it locked up 5 minutes in.  When the lockup occurs the red light on the unit is still flickering, however all of the controls on the remove including power no longer function.  I have to power the unit off and back on for it to work again.  It seems very intermittent.  After restarting several times I was able to watch the entire movie.  Interestingly enough these same movies are not viewable on my XBMC at all.  Not sure if its a new version of Divx or if they were encoded with some obscure option turned on.

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it locks up all the time and crashes.

all i do is remove usb dongle and reboot… once it gets going it is usually fine.   let me know what tech support has to say.

I’m having the same problem, although the freezes always happen while the video is loading; once it starts it’s almost always perfect. Sometimes I’ll forget about the lockup and let it load for 20+ minutes. Most of the time, I’ll have to unplug it, but sometimes after all that time, the video will actually play.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s my own content or Fanfare content (not that there’s much of that to load…). I called tech support a few days ago but got cut off (my fault, not theirs). I got a message in my ebox this morning asking about file formats and whether I’d checked out this forum…so far all I’m finding is other people with problems, not solutions. I hope SanDisk releases a firmware update or something to fix this.  

I am having the same lockup problems also. The pain of plugging and unplugging this device make it no practial for the typical family.

It’s a shame. I wonder if there is anyway for the firmware to be updated to address these lockup problems"

Lockups within the first minute usually. Sometime it stays on the loading screen until I recycle the usb device. Pain in the but.

Using Xvid and Divx codecs. The files have been created using Snapstreams Beyond TV, which uses Divx. Version 4.8 of BeyondTV.