How can you lock device so it won’t skip songs when bumped?

It should not do this locked or unlocked. I suspect it is defective; return it and get another one.

To lock and unlock the Sport, hold the small return button (at the 11 o’clock position on the face of the player) until the player gives you the locked/unlocked screen.

you will need the latest FW. if your is not locking it may have the old FW so make sure the FW is up to date first. 

I think there is a bigger issue here than just not knowing how to lock the device . . .

MALB123 wrote:

How can you lock device _ so it won’t skip songs when bumped _?

I see. By the way, is there a link for users to check different firmware versions as well as change logs?

The only info. is in the firmware sticky thread at the top of this forum.

I have found that the “unlock” is very buggy.  Most of the time when I hold down “back” with the intention of unlocking the device, it will just flash the screen “hold the button down to lock/unlock!” Um yeah, that’s what I’m doing.  Usually takes me 4-5 tries to successfully unlock the device.

I got confused by that message as well.  I think, though, that at that point, the device is locked–the message is there to remind you how to unlock the device later.