Locking Mechanism is Garbage. Getting refund soon

Alright, so Sandisk has acknowledged the lag problem present on the Fuze+ already.

But here is the remaining problem I did not get any feedback on; the locking function. I tried to contact Sandisk’s support, and they refuse to give me any information concerning firmware updates concerning the locking function. The main problem I have with it is that it constantly unlocks itself, whether it is in your pockets, or in your hands unless you hold it in a certain way. That is incredibly annoying. And when you want to lock/unlock it yourself, it is a pain to do so compared to tons of other devices on the market. Have to press some tactile button for 3 seconds to lock it, and press the tactile pad, then swipe up to unlock. Doing this manually every time you want to lock the device(And you HAVE to lock it, because otherwise it will accidentally change tracks, oops!) gets annoying, very fast.

I’m not going to deal with problems related to basic MP3 functions for months because I decided to buy a Sandisk product. I bought the Fuze+ two days ago because of its capability to extend its memory and integrate it properly in the library(And it works great, thumbs up on that), and because the Sansa Clip’s screen is too small for the number of albums I have. I went back to listening to music on my older MP3 player because the lock function frustrates me so badly on the Fuze+.

Without further ado, I already put back the Fuze+ in its package, and I’m going to get a full refund in about a week or two if I don’t get any feedback from Sandisk concerning the issue(As in, a confirmation that they’re working on changing the lock function). It’s a great MP3 player, and it’s a shame that I have to bring it back because basic functions were so poorly implemented.

Support cannot elaborate on ongoing development, really.  Rest assured, the locking function will be fixed.  Currently, the Synaptics pad is undergoing neutron bombardment here in the linear accelerator:

I’ll bet a jelly donut and my coffee on it, the touch pad will be improved.  Actually, it’s not the pad that’s the issue, the software that works with it is the point of contention.  The locking function is being worked on. I understand your frustration over the wee beastie, believe me.

Working daily with the Fuze+, I have to be a contortionist to keep my fingers away from the pad surface, as if it were wet paint, lest the device zoom off to another track.  I am hoping for a basic revision of the pad logic that will fit the bill for most Fuze+ users.

Personally, I like the following changes to the interface best:

  • Addition of an auto-lock function after a few seconds of inactivity.
  • A real unlock logic: slide from bottom to top, at the very center only, smooth pressure.
  • Special function when locked: several quick taps anywhere on the pad pauses / resumes.
  • Additionally, when locked, a wide sweep from side to side skips forward or back 1 track.  The pad can recognize fingertip or a broad contact differently.
  • User-selectable sensitivity for the pad.

The above changes take advantage of the touch pad’s greatest attribute: the user need not touch a specific area, like a button, especially when locked.  The only specific position required is to unlock the device.

The Fuze+ has wonderful potential.  I am confident that the touch pad interface will be refined soon.  It does most everything well, and sounds great.  Now,with a little tweaking…

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

I already know that the hardware is fine, the software/firmware is mostly the problem. However, I don’t want to be stuck with a subpar MP3 Sandisk is going to take months to fix. While I do admit that it has potential, right now, it has trouble with the most basic features a MP3 player should have, and that is fairly disappointing. I bought a product, and it should be doing what it’s supposed to be doing now, not in three months.

I am pretty much forced to use my older MP3 right now because this one is too annoying to handle. Even if support cannot elaborate on the development, Sandisk should admit that the lock feature is a complete failure and will be fixed/arranged. On a device as thin and sensitive as this, the lock function should be the foremost priority. Sadly, it’s the feature that fails the most in my opinion.

I think that the Sansa Fuze+ should have the same locking/unlocking feature that the iPod Touch has. The power button at the top also serves as a locker. When you press this power button, the screen turns on and then another press turns the screen off. Also if you tap the buttons the screen turns on. You then swipe like you would normally unlock the device now. Once the device is unlocked, you tap the top power button to lock it again.

One thing I have noticed is that you cannot use anything else apart from skin to use the navigations buttons, much like the iPod Touch. So you cannot use a stick or anything else. This means that if the device is in your pocket, the device will not unlock.  

I did notice that the moment where it comes out of lock is mostly when I hold it in my hands, but I can’t shrug off the few times it happened in my pockets. Also, the fact that there’s no indication that your player is locked unless you touch it is annoying.

I don’t care if the stuff doesn’t get implemented now, I just want some warranty that it will be.

This is one of the only good players(except those features that frustrate me) in the market that doesn’t play the memory cartel(Selling flash memory without possibilities of decent expansion at huge prices) and can play OOG Vorbis. It’d really sadden me to bring this one back.

It makes sense to implement a proper locking feature, that requires the pressing of the top power button and a swipe up the middle. Especially seeing as nearly every bloody post on this forum is about this locking problem.

Fair to say, with a proper locking feature, and with a reduction of the lag. I’d recommend/take this player to listen to music over everything in the market in a heartbeat. But right now it’s staying in its box and I’m using my better old MP3 player.

At Sandisk’s support, I was told it was impossible to change the locking feature with firmware. I find that hard to believe.

Well, I don’t know if it is that easy just to “recode” the top power button, seeing as the top button is probably hard wired to be the power button and the power button only. Hopefully this can be done as it makes so much more sense than holding the play button for 3 seconds. I don’t know how this wasn’t thought of during the design process of the Fuze+.

The lag is also a problem, I’m not sure why it happens but when going from menu to menu, I sometimes select again and go past the menu I want because the player doesn’t show any sign that it had registered the first selection.

Most processors have a hard wired primary control input, as the top button is for the Fuze+.  For example, the e280 uses the menu button as its power input as well.

For the Sansa, this control has the additional duty as the reset input, restoring the player if the key is held for an extended period of time.

There’s only one, well- there are several issues that come into play when remapping the power button, or giving it additional input options.  Has anyone tried using the cute little cigarette lighter sized iPod Shuffle , with the remote control integrated into the headset cord?  Yes, living with that system felt something akin to getting wrist cramp while searching for that elusive QSO in Morse Code.  A pair of images will show what I’m talking about.

First, on we go to the Ham shack.  Enjoy the warm dusty essence electronique wafting from the vacuum tubes…

Here is a sample of just how complicated multiple presses could be:

How’s that for a real conundrum?  No kidding, the little guy has a control scheme that virtually requires an amateur ham operator’s dexterity to command it.  This is just an example, of course, but I thought it fun to share with you.

The current manual lock command , using the play / pause “button” is very simple.  It’s the unlock command that currently, I’ll say it proudly, sucks.  It sucks for one simple reason: it unlock works regardless of the distance, position, or sweep rate employed.  As long as your finger, pocket liner, or that chicken nugget you forgot in your pocket makes contact between the lower and upper half regions (yes, 5mm of travel will do it) of the pad, she unlocks!

Getting the final solution involves several steps, officially.  Finding the best control combination requires finesse, I guess.  Each solution needs agreement, testing, even committes at the office cooler while comparing methods.  Well, then it goes to coding, testing, and QA too.  Updates have been pretty quick so far, for the Fuze+.

Using a control scheme from the iThing might have issues all in itself, never mind the above example.

I would like having an auto lock function (user selectable), plus the manual option as we do now, as it would be the simplest.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Got a refund. Got another company’s MP3. It doesn’t lag at all, has buttons, has better features, has folder browsing.

I’m happy I didn’t stay with sandisk.

I’d be interested in what brand you purchased.

Unfortunately I am a pretty picky person, and control scheme is low on the list of my requirements, thus I am unforunately able to live with it until it is enhanced.  The former fuze was as close to the perfect player as is out there. 

1.  Cost:  I am not interested in spending several hundred dollars on a player that has no user replaceable battery.

2.  Sound Quality:  The Fuze/Clip offer superior sound reproduction and that is evident when using a nice set of buds or phones.  I purchased the Fuze+ based on the fact that sound quality had not suffered with the new hardware.

3.  Expandibility:  I won’t purchase a player that won’t grow as my music collection grows.  Unfortunately this rules out most DAPS currently available.  I find it almost inconceivable that the I-pod touch, which is so much more than a music player still has no memory expansion even as they tout how many non-music apps you can download and install on it.

4.  Subscription Music:  I love Rhapsody and Napster, it is a cost effective way for me to have access and explore new music.  It’s weird that Netfilx continues to thrive with it’s “subscription” model, but the doesn’t hold true for music.  I guess MP3’s are too easy to pirate.  Since I don’t believe in piracy, Rhapsody gives me the best of both worlds.  With Rhapsody I can try nearly any artist/album I want with no risk.  I have found whold genres that I like that I would have never discovered.

With that all being said, I only know of ONE player that fits all four requirements, and that is the Fuze/Clip family.

If anyone knows of another product that fits all those 4 requirements let me know.

Same for me…

i can live with the navigation and the problems… but this  Locking Mechanism is realy Garbage. Hold play ist ok for me, but the player always unlook itself and skip to other songs, thats frustrating. I use it aslo for sport, and now i also changed back to my old player. This cant be for a player you want to use in a normal way.

I also thinking about refund the player cause of this issu.

I guess, that they never hae a firmware which solve this issu, before i guess the player hits tha wall…

The lock function has been redirected to the top power button with the latest firmware.  Give it a try, it works great.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Thank you Bob!

i already made a update a few days before…

i will check again with the autoupdater and hopefully the unlock funktion is better…


… just made the update . its Firmware Version 02.36.03 and later - manual!

seems to work, nice, i will give it a try :wink: