Lockerz invites!

First of all.

Advertising of items for sale (I will place "promotions" in the grey area surrounding this term) is not permitted, according to the site [Rules and Guidelines](/sansa/board/message). We must keep the forums isolated to things Sansa-related, lest they become a cluttered mess.

Speaking of grey areas, I like the little grey box here. Kind of fits, doesn't it?

We may occasionally stray off topic, but this allows us to know each other a little better. This may include mention of products or services, but this is entirely different from a promotional post such as this one.

Thanks for understanding! Oh, and be very careful when posting your e-mail address, as that can lead to overtime for your spam filter.


If you want an invite just get here: http://[deleted].pl/ Put your email, and click this red “Invite” button, automated invite will be sent.

Or you can just send me an email, my adress is [deleted] i should answer within 5minutes.

Cheers guys!

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