When I power on my mp3 player it shows a locked symbol. Does anyone know how to fix this?


May be re-setting will help

If threes a hold on it, flip the switch.  Or you might be having the same problem I am having with mine inwhich you get a blue pixle box that looks an awful lot like it is locked.  Other than that restarting it would be your likely option.

After reading the post by ‘Driven’,  I simulated the ‘problem’ on my SE.


There is slide switch on the top called ‘hold’


Slide it to the right so that the orange paint do not show.

Now switch on by pressing the ‘menu’ button, to the left of the ‘hold’ switch

Wait for a few seconds database to run.

All should be well by now.



There is a .pdf file with instructions on the little CD that came with the SE.