Locked Up - Can't access the Fuze

I have a new Sansa Fuze and It’s messed up.  I can turn it on and off and can access whatever program (podcast) is first up, the last one I was listening to actually, but the up/down button doesn’t work.  I can move through files with the left and right, though.  It’s stuck.  I tried powering down and holding that button for 30 seconds.  Nothing happened.  When I plug it into my computer (WinXP), my computer makes that noise indicating it ‘sees’ it, but when I check, it doesn’t register as a drive through My Computer.  When it’s plugged in, the battery charges and it reads “connected.” 

I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I had it pretty full of podcasts, and I may have inadvertantly left it on ‘lock’ and on, though the battery certainly didn’t wear down.  I know the computer is working fine as I connected my old e250 and it popped up just fine.

What to do?

How about rotating the wheel? Go to Settings, switch USB mode (from MTP to MSC, or vice versa) and try connecting.

Yes. The scroll wheel is used to ‘scroll’ through lists & menus, etc.

Hence the name. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tapeworm:  That did the trick alright.  The very strange thing that I didn’t know when I posted my original message is that I could access the Fuze through my other computer and reformatted it, hoping that would unlock it.  It did not.  But your suggestion did.