Locked up, after song upload

I recently purchased two 8G clip+'s, I upgraded both to the current firmware on the day of purchase (just a few days ago).

Both are experiencing lockups just after large song uploads (during the refresh period).

Even after reboot, the lock up continues (once it reachs the refresh period), only deleting all the songs and reformatting will return the unit to operation.  Of course once the songs are reloaded it will lock up again.

The lockups occur after a large upload (30+ songs), or any time the device is more that a third full.

Any ideas???

I’m using the USB file system method for uploading.

Does it happen after you transfer the same songs?  It could be down to a bad file if so.

Obviously you have loaded something on them that they don’t agree with. Corrupted files or files with bad or the wrong format ID3 tags will cause this. Could only be one file; when building the dtabase during refresh, it encounters the problem and just stops, not knowing what to do with it.

ChkDsk will check for and fix corruption. MP3TAG will help you in editing and/or changing the tag format to ID3v2.3 8859-1 (Sansa’s favorite flavor of tag).

So a single bad song file format will lock the device?

I hadn’t considered that, I will start looking for anything funny.