Lock code for Micro SD card

Just been given a 16G SanDisk micro SD card for my LG GT400 mobile phone but when I try to format the micro SD card it keeps asking for a lock code on my phone. Any advice as to where I would find this code please? Thank you.

cards do not have any lock codes on them, its basically the phone’s security code that you need to enter to format the card, contact lg in case you dont have a code with u…

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Thanks sorted that one. Now got a problem where only some of my music will transfer onto the disk. All files are WMA files. I’ve got about 150 tracks on there with plenty of room for more but any more files that I transfer over to the phone are corrupted and don’t play properly. Any suggestions? Somebody suggested converting some of these files from wma to mp3 but don’t know if that will work.