Locating video to use the sanza fuze

I am having trouble locating video that can be used with the sanza fuze.  even with the sanza media converter it does not want to convert the video I have.  are there any legal websites that I can purchase cartoons or tv shows that can be converted for the sanza fuze.  Amazon and Itunes I know do not work.  are there any other sites that I can purchase from…  Rhapsody does not offer what I’m looking for.  They are for my child. 

There are some websites where you can get videos from but you either have to sign up for it or pay for it. There are some illegal websites which I do not recommend. Think you should just pay for them. : ) 


Hope this helps!

I am willing to pay.  What are the sites to download videos?  I am trying to find Sponge Bob videos for my kids.  THanks.

This website looks pretty secure. Check it out.


1.99 USD for an episode maybe it’s worth it. 

Thanks for your help.

what are the illegal websites, that are for free? hah




www.limewire.com   and no its not ‘illegal’ ok?   They were sued by the Studios and won their lawsuit hands down.   What is illegal is to have a cd in your hands, to rip it as mp3’s and upload it to the web for all to share, if you do that, you break the law.   If on the other hand, you are the one who is downloading it, you break no laws.