locate songs on a Philips GoGear SA23XX

i got a philips gogear SA23XX mp3, it can plays songs, but when i plug it in the computer, i can’t find the song in the mp3 in (mycomputer).

and i still want the song in my mp3. do anyone Knows a way to locate it? if u do, (please reply)

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firsly, if i knew the answer, i would give it.

secondly, why the heck have you come to a forum about sandisk players to work on your player? THats like taking my Honda into a Ford dealership, asking them to fix it.

Hey Enigma,

Do you ever have anything nice to say??  I do take my Honda to a Ford dealership. A good mechanic can typically work on most cars.  A mechanic that doesn’t know what he’s doing spout’s out little sayings like “That’s like taking a Honda into a Ford dealership”.