loading files on the micro SDHC card

I added a micro SDHC card (8gb) to my 8gb fuze.  When I am looking to add files through WMP, the card and the fuze are both recognized but independent.  Is there a way to make WPM see them as 1 (so that when the fuze is full it automatically goes to the disk) or do I have to load files to one or the other manually?



The way I understand it from my Linux box is that they’ll be seen as two no matter what.

With a µSD/SDHC card mounted, the computer will addess the card as a separate logical drive.

In MSC mode, the card will be seen listed with its own drive letter assigned, typically the next drive alphabetically from the Sansa’s internal memory.

In MTP mode, the computer will identify the Sansa with expansion card, first as a single media device, then as two drives, “internal memory” and “external memory”, once selected.

Automatic transfer of files to the second (expansion) drive is not a supported function, as Windows handles the expansion slot as a separate drive, with its own file tree.

Windows Media Player will handle the expansion card as a second device.  With the player open, and in Sync mode, you can select the expansion card by clicking on “next device” in the upper right corner.