Loading Audio CD's in order


I recently bought a sansa clip+ for some Tony Robbins CDs that I have that I want on a smaller flash player. I have tried loading them in podcasts and audio books but they always are end up in a scrambled order.  What’s going on?? or more importantly, How do I get them loaded in the proper order??

If you are using the database navigation mode, are your ID3 tags correct so as to lead to the right order?

If you are using the folder navigation mode, are your file names likewise correct?

Are your folder/file names correct so as to lead to the right order?  How are they named?

If the scramble is in a different order each time, do you possibly have shuffle on? Are the files tagged so that the Clip won’t treat them like music mp3s?

I think it plays them in the “album title” alphabetical order, no matter which directory you put them in.  Try editing the album titles, on your pc before transferring, by right clicking and going into properties - details, and starting the titles with 1, 2 3 etc.

Are they in proper order on your pc? If so, then the simplist way to get them to play in proper order on your player is to copy and paste them a folder full at a time to the player, and use folder mode(music, folders) on the player to play them, which will play them in the same order as they play on the pc.

Other methods of getting them to play in order involve editing the ID3 tags, then playing them by album. You could download a free program such as mp3tag to help make editing the tags much easier.