loading audio books to my fuse

how do I change the librarys automatic loader? should the word “audiobooks” be after the words “internal memory”? or before?

I just saw the word music in teh target finder…obviusly that’s teh one I should change…right?  now to get tehe library to change it.

What library? What software? Overdrive? I don’t use it myself, but I believe I’ve read where the setting is unde Advanced in the options.

Hi Jawnn, what software are you using here?

@dwaynnyt - Is there a logical reason why you feel the need to parrot or repeat the suggestions, questions or comments by the latest poster? You’ve been doing this in the majority of your posts all across the forum for some time now, and not offering anything new or of substance.

While all members here are welcome to contribute to the community and/or help others with questions or problems, simply echoing the previous reply in a thread or offering nonsensical solutions without knowledge of the situation at hand (and sometimes when a viable one has already been posted) is helpful to no one.

Thank you for your answer, I download library books to my computer using overdrive. When I transfer them to the fuze+ they go into the music file. Clicking on advance and changing the word music to audiobooks it transfers into the audiobook file.