Little Clip+ bug?

Hi all, I’ve noticed that if I…

  1. pause a track

  2. skip to the next track

  3. skip back to the previous track (with no wait between 2 and 3)

…the track from 1 starts to play. However, if I follow the same steps, but wait for a second or so between 2 and 3, it remains paused when I step back – which I would say that this is the expected behavior.

Can anybody try the same?

Anybody have a chance to try it?

Actually, I’ve just realized that it also starts playing if I pause and skip forward tracks – nobody else has this happen?

Actually, skipping back between tracks only happens only in the first 2-3 seconds. After these seconds you go back to the beggining of the track, and you have to press backward once again. It remains paused on the next track in this case?

I can’t judge this situation as an real issue. Normal behaviour should keep the playback paused no mather u go back/forward in this case.

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Thanks, and I just want to be sure I understand – are you also noticing that when you pause it, and click to skip tracks, that sometimes it starts playing when you would expect it to remain paused?