listening while recharging

just bought my Fuze. Am trying to listen to FM radio but can’t seem to be able to whil it is plugged in. Am I doing something wrong or is this just a painful thing I have to live with? Trying to use it in my office without running the charge down…


The player is dis-abled as far as output goes when it is plugged into the computer via the Sansa connector cable. If you want to listen to it while charging, you’ll have to get a separate USB wall charger; then plug your Sansa cable (USB end) into this. DO NOT try and use a charger for I-pods or anything else unless it specifically says it is “Made for Sansa”!

Or you could get a dock/base station. This would also allow listening while charging. Griffin had a nice one on clearance a while ago, I don’t know if it’s still available. There are some threads here with the link to it.

Thanks for this! I am relatively new to MP3’s, having only used my previous Sansa for the FM tuner. Look forward to trying out & learning all the features of this new player.