Listen while Fast Forwarding (cue - review) ?


I recently purchased an MP3 (another brand) and I really like it but it doesn’t support two functions, can you tell me if the Sansa Express supports these?

  1. Can you hear while fast forwarding?  (my old Sansa could do this)  <i’m not worried about picking up where turned off like for lengthy podcasts - just being able to hear while fast-forwarding around in a song>

  2. Can you listen to FM radio or MP3’s while the Express is charging <in the USB port of your PC> ?

Thanks for answering these two questions!

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Hi again,

I don’t have much time to return the other mp3 player that I recently picked up (and would like to keep except for the fact that you cannot listen as it fast forwards thru material - there’s silence instead of hearing the “sped up” material").

Forget the charging question - I really just need to know if you can listen while fast forwarding - please - any owner out there - please reply with a simple yes or no on the fast forwarding (I wish I would have found this forum earlier - but I"m almost out of time on my return date on the player i would return to get the Express if the express supports listening while fast forwarding).

thanks to any owner out there for a quick & easy Yes or No response.

No, you can’t listen while fast-forwarding.  You’re right, that would be a nice feature.

Thanks so much “nosync” for respondinding - looks like this forum doesn’t receive too much attention if someone couldn’t answer that simple question faster…

crazy that it doesn’t offer cue / review - as the old sansa’s do…   

looks like i’ll keep the other branded player that i recently bought (as that was the only flaw with it - and compared to my original sansa’s the other branded player i just bought has superior sound to the old sansa and great forum support from the manufacturer).

least i gave the sansa express a try, too bad they couldn’t include such a simple feature…