Linux wav splitter

This is not a fuze specific question - but I know there are such wonderful knowledgable people out there - anyone can recomend linux prog that will split wav files? I record lectures and would like to split the 2 hr lecture into 2 or 3 parts…

I use kubuntu 8.10 

Thanks guys

I would encode to mp3 and then use mp3splt.  Easier than encoding multiple waves, and mp3slpt has silence detection which is a nice bonus.

Dumb question, but would mp3splt work with Ogg Vorbis? I wouldn’t think so because the first part of the name is “mp3”, but I figure that I may as well ask.

Have you heard of Audacity? It does a lot of complicated things, but you can easily select a part of a file, listen to it and export it directly in mp3 or wav.

I just checked: export works in ogg vorbis too.

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