Linux users, what are you using to rip and encode ?

Not much else to ask or say. I’ve been having problems getting the Fuze to play files in the order they should be. I’m using K3b to rip and encode to Mp3 and thought that it created iD3 tags automatically, because it sure looks like it does… but now I’m not sure. So, what are you guys using to rip and encode etc… ?


Here’s what comes out w/K3b:


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I can’t really help you with Linux tools, but as far as the playback order, you need to make sure the “Track” tag (track number) is set correctly.

From your screenshot, it looks like tags are not set and the Fuze is assuming the title from the file name.  This is just a guess though.  You’ll need to find a Linux tagging tool that will you inspect the tags in your files to see what is/isn’t set.

try checking this post… this might help you.


Thanks marqck, that’s a pretty informative thread. By the way, what prompted you to post a pic of the Canon S3 ?

your picture’s exif data :smileyvery-happy: