Linux - Setting device name/label, mount point?


Has anyone figured out how to change the label “3.9 GB Media” to something like “Fuze”?

I’ve managed to set the volume mount point using the properties to /media/fuze, so that’s one thing.

Normally this can be done by using mlabel e: <label> for example, but in this case the Fuze device doesn’t work.

This does work for a microSD in the Fuze but not the main device.

Can’t use the F2/edit icon either. Maybe there is a way using udev or some underlying magic?

Thanks for your help.

Chris :slight_smile:

I have both used mlabel and dosfslabel to label the internal storage of the Fuze. I wouldn’t expect any trouble with udev and alike which relies on usb device id rather than filesystem label.

Note that you must connect your Fuze in MSC connection mode to apply the above programs. Did you check this (under Settings menu)?


I did try mlabel and it wouldn’t work.

I found another thread with info on this problem and apparently you need to add a line to the mtools.conf telling it not to check first.

I added this,


When using fdisk -l to list devices my Fuze shows up with no “sub device” name and this confused me at first.

But then I realized that it was enumerating as a main device, eg. /dev/sdc not /dev/sdc1

So I tried mlabel again with the /dev/sdc and it worked this time.

So yes, mlabel did work in the end.

Chris :slight_smile: