Linux Live USB Ultra fit disconnects


I have this problem that is driving me crazy. I have this USB Ultra Fit 16G that cannot make it work as a Linux Live USB in any possible combination, every time the sasquashfs file is accessed the USB briefly disconnects corrupting the file immediatelly and making Linux unusable. I have tried different distros, with persistence off and on, with legacy boot or UEFI boot, creating the USB from Windows and from Linux, using LiLi, Unetbootin, mkusb, etc, nothing.  I even got a new USB from the same shop , brand and model and it has exactly the same problem

The failure occurs right after booting and sometimes after a few accesses but it allways fails. I can read and write large files in Windows without problems.

The HW is HP Envy 360 Convertible with i5 and 6RAM, and it works with other USB brands and sizes, but I like the size of this flash and would like to find the cause.

When preparing USB drives for Linux under Windows I’ve used RMPrepUSB with success.  You can check it out here:

For compatibility with other machines I usually use the FAT32 format which also works out well with EFI booting.

Not sure how helpful this has been.  It sounds like this isn’t your 1st rodeo.

It does look like an interesting tool, it does have different choices for booting prep, perhaps the standard formating that the USB creation process uses may not work on the Sandisk Ultra Fit. It would be nice to know if somebody else had this problem before though. I’ll let you know if it works.

Here is the solution :

Mostly HP’s pen drive are not sometimes bootable or You may have to convert it to FAT32 or SYSTEM32

I have figured out this much: It does not have anything to do with the formating or file structure, but it only happens with xHCI eXtensible Intel bus controllers under Linux. Why it only affects this Flash card and not other 3.0 USB drives I do not know, but I’ll keep digging