Linux help: easiest way to drag & drop files to Clip Zip

I want to copy music cds off my CD player and transfer to the Clip Zip folder(s). What is the most straightforward way to accomplish this? Does the CD player have to be mounted first? If so, what data needs to be added to mount the device?

I have Rhythmbox but can’t seem to use it to import/export files without errors about mounting (/ not mounted).

I have no experience with MP-3 players or loading them with music files to this point so any help is appreciated.


Do note that songs off a CD that were originally recorded in typical CD format cannot be played on your Clip as is–they must be in a format that the Clips recognize.  With CDs, this is done with a CD “ripper,” which converts the CD songs.  Simply in case you weren’t aware . . . .

Could you give an example of a CD “ripper” I could use w/ Linux to accomplish this? 



thanks everyone for your input…mission accomplished! Ed