Limited Charge

I bought my Fuze from the soon to be defunct Circuit City and I have a somewhat manageable, but annoying issue.  Whether it is by PC or laptop, front or back USB ports on either, my Fuze will only charge for about 1 minute before disconnecting and not being recognized by the computers.  I just unplug and re-insert the USB cord and its charges again, for about one minute. 

Any clue as to what is going on and if anyone else is having this issue?  I love the new Fuze, but this issue is really getting old.  Been doing this charging method for about 1 1/2 hours and I am at around 3/4 battery life. 

try a firmware update and see if that helps

Try connecting it to another computer if you have access to one, then perform the firmware upgrade. Otherwise, contact Sandisk Support with your issue, or exchange it for another one.