I really am happy with this product.  I have found one down side that I dont know if it is possible to do.

While traveling and after adding photos to my ScanDisk IXpand , if I want to take my Scandisk IXpand into lets

say Costco and have them printed will I be able to using this scandisk.  Because I plug them into my home

printer and none of the pics are reconized?

as long as you have not locked any of the files the iXpand should behave like any other USB drive so in theory it should work with printers. 

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I am somewhat familiar with the idea but really kind of new to it, but I have to say that any little tool or measure that you can take to increase traffic is a good step to take. It seems to happen piece by piece, so every time that you can inch it along yourself by utilizing tools like this is a big plus for you and your site.

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