Limewire Help


I got the Fuze for my son and we are running into some trouble. I see that people have posted they have gotten videos/dvds from LimeWire…so I tried downloading a few…but sure if I am choosing the right format I clicked on Video type : DVD MOVIES and then hit search…looked at all…I know the Fuze reads MP4 so I downloaded Transformers MP4…how do I go from there to get it on to my son’s Fuze? If I am not doing it right…can you please explain how…lol…as if you are telling my son the 6 yr old…lol…I am sorta good at figuring this stuff out but all this video convertion, MP3, MP4 stuff is throwing me off. We would just like to download a few movies from Limewire and put them on his Fuze. I did get how to get them and install them to the Fuze from…but not from LimeWire.


Ok So you have to find the file on the computer. Unless you have changed it go to your documents and the limewire folder, then to the saved folder. Make sure it is there. Then Go here and Download the sansa media converter (top right hand corner under downloads), install that. Open Sansa Media Converter, and at the top center it says Add media. Click that and go to the place where you found your video file, and click open, Then once it loads click convert and it should do all the work.

If you read this board you will see that Sansa Media Converter is not the most popular, and is most certanly not flawless, but at least give it a shot, if it doesnt work there are other ways to go. WinAvi has been used with some sucess but it is not the way sansa suggests you add movies.