limewire and sansa?

Hi, I

Sorry about that, not sure what happened…

anyways…i just recently purchased a sansa fuze. I am currently using limewire to download music. I got the sansa so I could use limewire and the songs I already have downloaded over the years. Upon syncing the device, I noticed on playback of the songs that none of them sounds right. Some are just instrumentals like you can barely hear the voice…some sound like theyre under water, etc. Just all messed up.  All 400+ songs. The thing is though they play correct on my pc, only after I transfer them over to the sansa. Anyone had any issue like this?

Also, the FM tuner is pretty crappy, all I can pickup is 1 station and it has alot of static.

Thanks in advance!

Your headphone jack is not pushed in fully.  What you’re hearing is the differential signal, since you have only two of three contacts seated.

The Fuze has a tight socket compared to the average- seat the plug, and you’ll get sterero.

The FM radio also requires the shield contact…and it’s your antenna.  The FM uses the headphone cable to pick up signals.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: