Licensing Errors every time when transferring music


  After I initially loaded my Connect with music, subsequently I’ve had licensing problems every time I’ve tried to transfer music.  Every time I try to transfer something, the process stalls for a long time and finally comes up with licensing issues.  I reacquire the licenses and the same thing happens again when I try to transfer.

Has anyone else encountered this?


More info…the error dialogue that comes up every time is:

The I/O operation was aborted due to either thread exit or application request.


Check to make sure you’re running the latest firmware (v. 1.0.1)

Where are you getting your Music from?  Yahoo! Music, Personal CD collection, etc. 


Hi all,

  So, I pored through some of the other threads on the board and ended up resetting my Connect and for whatever reason, when i reconnected back to the computer after resetting the Connect, things worked. 

One thing that I haven’t seen pointed out, but made a difference for me, I think you need to have the Connect disconnected from your computer while you do the reset.  If you have it still connected while you do a reset, YMJ doesn’t seem to recognize the Connect.



Glad you seem to have found the answer.  I’ve also had the problem (twice) where transferring music suddenly bogs down and goes nowhere.  The only thing that seemed to fix it for me was to do a factory reset.  After I did, of course, all the music had to be reloaded.  Not sure why it happened in the first place, though.

I have the same licensing error issue.  I reset the connect, reinstalled updates and still cannot synch a majority of my music library… someone help…