Library audio book downloads are in reverse numeric order

I primarily use my Sansa Clip+ to download audio books from my library. In the last several weeks - the book tracks (which download to “songs”) have been irregularly downloading in reverse order 7, 6, 5 etc and I cannot just automatically go from one part to another while I read. I can go to Part 1, then must double left click to go back to hear Part 2 and so on.It has started to happen consistantly. Could I have I done something to my Sansa Clip+ to cause an inverse ordering of the book downloads? Catwoman

Since the Clip generally operates by what the file ID3 tags say (as versus by the filenames), you might check to make sure that the ID3 tags are set correctly to play back in the correct order.  MP3Tag, Internet freeware, is very helpful for that and for editing the tags.

Note that you also can play back your files under the player’s folder option–they may play back in the correct order that way for you.  

Also, if you’re finding the audiobook under “Songs” it’s not being recognized as an audiobook and you’re missing out on some special behaviors the Clip+ has for audiobooks.

The easiest way to get the files recognized as “audiobook” is to push the files to the \audiobooks folder on the player.  My library utilizes & in their transfer software, there’s a way to enter the destination path (so you can specify “\audiobooks{bookname}”) under “Advanced Options”.  It takes a few extra seconds, but worth the effort.  This typically fixes the track number problem, too.

If you are using something other than Overdrive, let us know how you’re transferring the book to your player and maybe someone will be familiar with that process as well.