Launchcast Radio disabled already?

Does anyone know whether the Launchcast MyStation radio functionality has already been axed on the Connect? For the last couple months now every time I launch my “My Station” under Internet Radio, all of the songs say “License Expired - Cannot play track” -


The streaming options under “Yahoo! Get More Music” all still work - Artist Search, Recommendations, etc, but Launchcast stations won’t play… I am trying to figure out whether there is some strange snag in my player, (which would not surprise me at all,) or whether this service has been abruptly yanked prematurely. I am expecting the rest of the Yahoo! features to poop out, but not until July, right? What’s the deal with Launchcast?


I so wish this had been a better product… Unfortunately, without the Wi-Fi features, I’m left with an extremely mediocre media player. I’ve never experienced a device with such a low mean time to failure (MTTF). Two or three times a week I get the “Error - Please Wait…” screen and the device has to reboot, and I only listen to the device for like an hour a day, maybe two at the most… There’s no way of telling whether this is due to some corrupt file I keep uploading, or whether the device is inheriently buggy, but once Yahoo!'s out of the picture, I have a feeling I’m going to be feel like a big sucker walking around with this lemon as my MP3 device…

Yes, I noticed the same issue, at about the same time you did.  I did contact Yahoo about this, and after a few round trips of uninformed responses, they finally sent their “we’re aware of the problem, but can’t predict when it will be fixed” response (translation: "we know, that’s the way it is, and it isn’t going to be fixed, stop bugging us). 

It is unfortunate that the promise of the integrated streaming music, subscription music package was so short lived - it was a great service while it lasted.  Fortunately, I paid only about $100 for the Connect, so I can live with the reduced functionality; I still like the player and the video/flickr capability.  I just wish they’d initiate the Rhapsody migration soon so I can keep my music library and wash my hands of Yahoo Music altogether and cease having to hear all the whining from the MusicMatch users.  The Connect is still an okay player, but I will probably get the Archos 605 to get WiFi capability back.  I’ve got the Sirius Stiletto, which offers the same integrated streaming music/subscription capability that the Connect had.  Something to consider, especially if you already have Sirius in your car.

Personal Launchast streaming (and the pre-defined statations) still works for me as of 5/28/08.