Launch will not start!!! Please help!!

Cruzer micro has been running fine. Today the launch program would not run. “My computer” shows both the launch drive and the usb drive. Trying to start the launch drive “windows cannot read from this disk. The disk may be corrupted…” Trying to open the usb “not formatted. do you want to format now?”

There is quite a bit of info I must have on this usb. Is there any chance of repairing/ recovering any of it?


By the way, this is common between my laptop and desk computer so the problem is with the drive.

Hopefully you have a backup of your USB files on one of the two computers.

You should consider contacting SanDisk Support via phone or Chat. They should be able to help. Sounds like your drive is having some issues which needs to be determined by support for possible Return…

I have purchased several of the 2MB and 8MB sandisk cruzders for christmas gifts.  They are all coming back to me now.

I have 2 laptops and I can write to them but they do not show in the dirctory.  It seems to be a lkot of complaints.  What can I do.  please help.



I have a sandisk cruzer 16GB drive which is an image file.  I always opened and added to it using the RUN feature in XP.  I am now running Vista and the machine does not recognize this drive. 

I could transfer the start sequence from another disk or I can easily download it.  The problem is that Vista doesn’t recognize the disk at all so I can’t load anything onto it.

All my other cruzer drives function normally.


Plug the drive into the computer, then go to “My Computer”, and right click on the main data storage part. Left click, and select “Properties”, then go to the “Tools” tab. Click on “Error Checking”, then “Check now” and make sure the “Automatically fix file system areas” box, and the “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” box are checked, then hit “Start”. It won’t take long. This should fix the problem. If it doesn’t, do the same thing for the launch drive part.