Latest SDHC compatible firmware ?

What is the latest firmware that supports 6GB ?  8GB ?

Does the current latest firmware support 4GB ?

I’ve been reading about the 1000 song limit…

so, if the average MP3 is 3MB, then that means even the 4GB card would be too big… is that true ?

Thanks !

The card isn’t “too big,” you just might not be able to fill it to capacity.  However, many people use higher bitrates anyway, and you can easily get up to 2.5x the normal file size by ripping at 320kbps.  Those who prefer to do this tend to grab for the highest capacities available.

I’m trying to decide if I want to buy a 4GB, 6GB or 8GB.

I want to know if the latest firmware supports 6GB and 8GB (since apparently they do not ?)

If not, what was the last firmware that supported 6GB and 8GB ?

my express only sees 4GB of a 8GB card. i think 4GB is the limit.

my express reads all 8GB of my expansion card… plus the 2GB of internal memory, firmware version: 01.01.05A2

Thank you for the feedback !

Do you have all of your MP3s ripped in super high quality so you don’t go over the 1,000 song limit ?

What brand expansion card do you have? I have a SanDisk 8gb and it only shows up as 4 when plugged in to my computer, but aside from that the player itself sees all 8gb of it. I’m going to be furious if you need a different brand of card to work in a SanDisk mp3 player!

After doing the firmware update, it still had no effect, but after formatting the card in the Sansa, after the firmware update, when I plugged it back into my PC it showed up as 7.8gb, w00t! I am much happier now. :smiley: