Laptop Usage// ALMOST THERE!

After replacing my ODD with this drive mounted in a caddy, mine still doesn’t work on either 11.1/.2/.6 drivers. 

PLEASE HELP ME. The laptop actually recognized the drive once and let the ReadyCache software install. After a reboot though, the Drive went back to being recognized as the “Sandisk Milpitas SSD” instead of the serial number. In Intel SRT, refreshing the devices will cause the SD ReadyCache to be forgotten and removed until the next reboot. It would be great if there were drivers I could manually tell the drive to use! Otherwise, I’m going to jump off a cliff.

Granted, my SD ReadyCache is mounted in my Optical Disk Drive Caddy and connected via SATAII while I boot from my 640gb HDD. I’m stuck right now.

Convert it from a MBR Disk to a GPT Disc then format the partition.  I use MiniTool Partition Wizard.  Then going into My Computer right click the drive and click Properties.  Go to ReadyBoost and click “Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost”.  Hit ok then reboot your system and you’re good to go.