Laptop runs very hot and all four processors run at almost full speed all the time.

When running my laptop with the scandisk extreeme ssd drive my laptop runs very hot and all four processors run at almost full speed all the time.

This does not happen if I replace the ssd drive with my original normal hard drive. It then runs a lot cooler and the processors only run upto about half the speed or less and never go upto full speed at all.

Any ideas of what to do, I have tried running the laptop on lowest power, turning off programs Im not using etc. Nothing seems to help.

Hope you can


It might be driver related, try installing the latest Intel Rapid Start Technology driver from and update the BIOS of the notebook.

Also check Task Manager for any processes that may be using excessive CPU resources.

K24A3 Thanks for your reply.

I forgot to mention that the laptop uses AMD Quad-Core A6-3410MX APU processor with duel graphics.

I know that AMD processors run at a higher speed and get hotter than Intel processors but the processors should not run at almost full speed all the time and definitely not on idle.

I have checked the task manager no processes are using the CPU excessively.  

Have also checked all drivers and Bios and all are up to date so it should not be that.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

If there are no processes using the CPU then it must be a driver.

If you think it’s the SSD causing it then update the AMD SATA driver, but personally I think its more likely to be a Printer/Scanner/Camera driver or some other USB device.

I don’t think it’s the SSD but perhaps that’s normal. How hot is it? I mean is it that hot that you can’t put it on your lap?

Another thing to try is run msconfig and disable all non-Microsoft services that are launching on startup, reboot and check the CPU usage.

Heating problem is common and it arises due to these points.

  1. Due to the aging of component.

  2. Due to the excessive application installation./

  3. Virus is common problem that makes processing speed fast.

  4. Bios is another cause.

Here is the solution that might be helpful -

Clean Air Vents

Update Bios

Put Filtered material over inhalation vent

Heating is big problem towards laptop but if proper care is done then this problem is avoided as to avoid such problem i had purchased the rugged laptop of panasonic through roamingtech ( ) as it is working properly because thr rugged fetaure allow to remove heat through chassis instead of fan along with the processor is build on the motherboard in such a way which is attached to the cooling liquid that avoids the heating problem.

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have found the  problem at last. It was the Western Digital data backup program that was causing the computer to heat up so much. I don’t know why it caused the problem but as soon as I uninstalled that program my computer went back to running at normal temperatures and has never heated up again.

Thanks again for you suggestions.

Change fan