Laptop keeps resetting after sleep with Ultra II 960GB installed

I’m having issues with my new SanDisk Ultra II 960GB SSD in Asus Q550LF laptop running Windows 10: laptop keeps resetting after being woken up from sleep.

Looking in Windows event log, sleep event is actually missing. This event was logged while I used HDD which came originally with the laptop.

I installed SanDisk SSD dashboard and everything seems ok. Firmware is up to date.

Any hints what could resolve this before I try to sell this SSD or send it back to SanDisk?

Can you try turn off HIPM in Windows

I added registry record to enable HIPM/DIPM, set AHCI link power management under hard disk in Power options to Active (both on battery and plugged in), set turn of hard disk after to never on both and ahci link power management adaptive to 0ms. The problem still persists.

I’ve updated the BIOS and this resolved the problem.

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