Language choices?

Hi,  I can’t find a solution to my prob on Google so hopefully someone knows this here.  Everytime I turn on my MP3, it requires my choosing the language I want it to function in.  It started doing this after my first software update a few months back.  Any clue how to bypass that? 

Another problem I have is with the earphone jack.  I can only hear out of one of the buds.  I saw several suggestions on here about how to fix it but would anyone know how much it would cost to actually have it fixed?  I’m guaranteed to screw it up if I crack it opened. 


Try re-loading the firmware manually.

Regarding the earphone jack/sound. Isolate/determine what is causing it:

  1. Try other earphones and compare.

  2. See if radio has the same issue.

  3. Try inserting the earphone plug halfway or wiggle it to see if sound comes out on the other end. 

If its the earphone, replace it. If its the jack, then contact SanDisk and check warranty.

Do try the firmware update. If that doesn’t help, however, your Sansa may be on its way toward oblivion.

The language setting, and some of the other basic settings, are kept alive by a little long-life button battery (as they are in your laptop computer).  Since the Sansa isn’t holding them, that battery may be dying. It’s soldered in, so even if you can find one, it’s difficult to replace.