Lag on MUSIC root file

Hi, I have about 5GB of stuff on my 8GB Fuze, but now for some reason, my computer takes several minutes to get into my MUSIC file.

When I click on My Computer and then Removable Disc E (that being the letter given to this drive on my computer) and then MUSIC it takes about 5-10 minutes (if at all) to get onto my music folder.

After about 5 minutes I do a control alt delete and it says not responding, but I do eventually get into it a few minutes later. It’s a problem in MTP, MSC and AutoFind (although i’m not sure about MSC. I don’t want to turn it off, wait for it to “find new media” which isn’t there like its done since the firmware update to try again).

Anyway to get around this other than taking everything off when I somehow do get onto the music file (which I just did) and formatting?

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This sounds more like a computer and/or Windows issue rather than a problem with your Fuze.

Have you tried accessing a data CD to compare the ‘seek’ time?

yup. Windows/Computer problem. Fixed by resetting.

Like most problems.