Kudo - SanDisk Clip Jam MP3 Player

My compliments.  I moved to Hawaii over a year ago.  My Sony jogging radio couldn’t pick-up any good stations and was not healthy.  Also, never really did like it’s weight, and the velcro securing, wore out very fast, so I’d jury-rig it to a belt.  Pretty annoying…  Saw people runnig with cell phones, asked them, and they really didn’t like it.  So went to store, asked about SanDisk (memory devices reputation helped).  They were sold out, so that’s a good indicator.  So ordered one on Amazon.  It is really fantastic.  Clips right on, very light.  It does not fall off (OK, perhaps if you’re a sprinter…).  Loading the playlist is easy.  The FM radio reception is simply stunning.  As good as my BMW.  Whereas the Sony player would get about 3 of 15 stations.  I will probably get some earbuds sized for my ears, but the ones provided work well.  At that price, I’m really pleased.  If anyone jogs, and wants a light music device, this is it.