Kingston 2Gb MicroSD trashed my Sansa Express 2Gb! Help me please!

I bought my Sansa Express 2Gb about two years ago and was thrilled about the ability to actually expand the memory by using a memory card. About a month ago I bought a Kingston 2Gb MicroSD for my mobile phone (Nokia 6120 Classic, if it helps) and loaded it with music and pictures. I tried connecting it to my Sansa Express, but then something happened! When I started the Sansa Express it took forever to rebuild the database and when it was done the music lagged. It played for a second, paused for a second, played for a second, paused for a second and so on…

I tried turning it off and when I tried turning it on again it stuck in building database… That’s all it says, “building database” and a little animation, and keeps on going untill the battery runs out!

I tried formating, but I still have the same problem! It says on Sansa Updater that I have version 1.0.15, but it can’t update, since it’s in the wrong mode and I can’t change the mode since I can’t start the player and I can’t start the player until I have updated my firmware… It’s a loop of DOOM!

Please, someone, help me, I want to have my music back :wink:

Really, does nobody know how to fix this?

I think I might be able to help if you haven’t given up yet…or solved the problem yourself already…