Kindle HD Video file recognition

I have video files on my Kindle HD. When I open the SanDisk app and look under local videos it indicates that I have no videos (local - empty). Why won’t the SanDisk Wireless media device recognize the videos (it does recognize music.

I just bought the Media drive…I am having same problem. Purchased TV series and donwloaded it to Kindle Fire but cannot see it on media video screen. Did you get a response.

Amazon videos are DRM protected. DRM protected files are not compatible with these devices. 

I guess the question is what is the point of the device?! Can’t use it for iTUNES IOS8 and can’t use if for Amazon. Where else do folks get their videos from…

Your own recorded videos from your phone, iPad, YouTube, ripped from DVD’s, etc. There are lots of videos available out there that are not DRM-crippled/encrypted.