Keyboard and mouse stop working when I plug in flash drive

Just bought a "SanDisk Ultra Flair USB 3.0 Flash Drive.  Each time I plug it into my hub, my keyboard stops working completely and my mouse disappears then shows up then disappears, etc.,  and it’s almost impossible to make it move.

I’m no hardware (or software) expert so, if anyone can help me out here, please keep it as non-technical as possible. :)  Thanks!

My guess would be your hub is underpowered to handle all your USB devices.  Can the keyboard or mouse be plugged directly into the computer?

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your reply.

I can’t plug my keyboard/mouse directly into my computer.

I just removed both my hub and my external hard drive and tried the SanDisk flash drive and it still had the same result - no keyboard and mouse uncontrollable.

Very strange.