Kerala Real Estate

The real estate scene in Kerala has undergone a great shift over the recent years. Always considered the beautiful land of Gods,  _ Real estate Kerala _has found takers from across the world. The state with its bountiful nature and tropical climate is a humble abode for those who long for a life amidst the nature. Recent years have seen a huge influx of foreign exchange into real estate Kerala. The NRI population of Kerala is vying to buy land or other property in the state, which has led to a sudden rise in the real estate demand in the state. The demand for high end apartments and villas has been on the rise, not just in big cities as Kochi but also in cities like Kottayam, thiruvalla, kannur etc.   

The interest in Kerala Real estate has also been the result of the easy financial options available to the investors. Banks have reduced the interest rates over the years. The recent steps taken by the RBI and the central government have led to greater liquidity in the market, helping the real estate sector to tide over the economic crisis happening in the world market. There are less of middle men now and the buyers today deal with the sellers directly. In Kochi & Thiruvananthapuram, builders are creating apartments and complexes that are near to IT parks and hospitals in order to cash in on the existence of high earning professionals. This rise in demand for high end apartments and complexes is here to stay for many years to come.