kbd_mode: can't open '/dev/tty':no such device.. Sanitize bootable usb stick

I’m selling on my Ultra II 480GB SSD and I wanted to run Sanitize on it before sending it on. In Dashboard I get a message that Windows 10 has blocked Sanitize and to create a bootable usb stic, and to run it in uefi mode on startup. It creates the bootable stick ok, but when it runs on startup I get a message “kbd_mode: can’t open ‘/dev/tty’:no such device…”

Am I right in thinking kbd_mode is a problem with the keyboard (which is a Logitech usb model)

I have tried this with multiple usb sticks and I always get the same result.

What is happening and how can I fix it?

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I have exactly the same problem. Can we have a solution please?

Try to boot into the legacy not uefi.