Just reported reproducable case of the freeze bug

Hello everyone,

as some Fuze users, including me, have experienced, even using the latest firmware, the Fuze sometimes freezes and can only be revived be resetting it.

Especially in play all songs random mode I quickly grew tired of having to reset the sing avery half an hour or so so I decided to try to find a reproducable case of the bug. I noticed it mostly occured right at the very end of ony track respectively the beginning of another one, so I set out to find such a pair which is not that difficult as you can find out which track’s gonna play next even in random mode.
After having tracked down two tracks where the Fuze would freeze inbetween, I created a playlist with both of them.
They are from different albums, one is Ogg Vorbis, the other MP3 encoded.
And it worked, every time I play or fast-forward the first song till the end, the Fuze would crash. Always.

So I’ve just emailed Sansa support my findings and I hope it will help them to fix this bug :).

If you want to take a look (or a freeze :D) yourself, here is the playlist and the two tracks: http://rapidshare.com/files/157709836/Freeze.zip
Please use this only for bug verifying. I hope it is okay to post the link here.


It must be choking on the conversion from reading the Vorbis file to the .mp3 file (or vice-versa). Good detecting work there, melchior!

Hopefully, Sansafix will see this post here. It will provide another clue to the puzzle that they’re working on.

Also goes to show that sometimes adding a feature or fixing 1 bug leads to other problems that couldn’t be or wasn’t anticipated during the firmware building.

Or maybe it’s a sinister plot by programmers to insure their job security . . . :smileyvery-happy:

We will check it out and get back.

Great :).

I really like your fast response to bug reports from us, sansafix. Some companies don’t even have official communities for their products. And it seems it certainly helps Sandisk is situated in the U.S. and not some Asian company with only a few English-speaking customer relation guys or such :).

I hope you guys at Sandisk be able to track that bug down in the firmware :). Especially as my Fuze keeps freezing every 10 tracks or so in play all/random mode :D;).
And it seems to occur always at the end of Ogg Vorbis encoded tracks, as far as I can recall.
Curiously most of them so far from CDs I ripped to FLAC and then converted to ogg with soundconverter (the GNOME one), if I remember correctly …

In case you need more example files for the freezing bug I’m sure I could provide some more, just say so :D.


melchior wrote: 
. . . And it seems it certainly helps Sandisk is situated in the U.S. and not some Asian company with only a few English-speaking customer relation guys or such :).

SanDisk’s corporate headquarters are in the Silicon Valley near San Jose, CA. (Milpitas actually), but look on the back of your player . . . that’s right, same as everything else it seems today . . . Made in China! :stuck_out_tongue:

I decided I would stick with mp3 (for now) because vorbis seemed to freeze up my player sometimes, too.

I am having this problem also with ogg. Fuze just shuts it self down sometimes when I am listening at random mode.

We downloaded tested the freeze  files posted.  On two different systems the players did not reproduce the problem.  We could continuosly loop between the two files. We recommend you try reformatting your player and let us know.

I can confirm my fuze freezing on these test files. I have had this freeze bug too since the last firmware update, my fuze is about half full of ogg from jamendo, but I could never narrow it down to certain files.

Some other things I notice, sometimes after a freeze the shuffle icon is off, and in the menu (sometimes it does, sometimes not) it says shuffle off, but its still in shuffle mode, and sometimes shuffle just gets turned off. Sometimes after a freeze my ratings get changed.

I hope you can fix this for the next firmware.

There are related fixes to be applied in the next firmware.

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Same problem here. Freezes on ogg files when skipping to next song in random mode.

Hi, I just installed the 1.01.22a version of the firmware and my fuze still freezes on this test.

Well, I just got an 8gb Fuze this weekend, loaded it full of music and the latest firmware, and I have this problem too. Random playback causes the player to freeze periodically requiring a reboot. It ■■■■■, as it takes about 2-3 minutes to refresh the database every time I reboot, and I need to reboot every 15-20 minutes. The freeze always happens between songs, never in the middle. About 50% of my music is .ogg vorbis, so it may be due to switching from .ogg to .mp3, but if that is the case it only happens periodically, as it would be freezing up about every other song if the switch between file formats always causes the problem.

Please fix this problem soon, a lack of random playback makes this otherwise excellent player sub-par, and this apparently has been a known issue for a while!

Ive noticed that oggs I make myself seem to play fine, but the ogg from Jamendo I have problems with, even if I make sure the tags are v2.3.

I dont know if this will help, but if you want to try them out you can look up my username at Jamendo (same as here ‘swimb’) and get the ogg from my starred albums. If the torrents are dead I can send you the zipped oggs, its all free to distribute anyways.

The ones that I have most problems with are Suerte, Huete, and Revolution Void.

This post is for sansafix :smiley:

My sons is freezing often also- how do we fix this?  should we just return it and get another?

I’ve had my player since Christmas and have just noticed this too.

I’m using the latest firmware, and like the others here am getting frequent crashes when playing all tracks… it’s happening every couple of tracks for me.  Have a 50/50 Ogg/mp3 split.

Please can we have a response on this issue Sansa?


Same here, freezing on all tracks now. Mine also freezes when I try to change the volume or skip tracks, sometimes, not always. Anyone else getting that?

I have a 4G version 2 Fuze with the latest firmware (2.01.17), I downloaded the zip file with the problem files and it changes from one to the other with no problems.

Mine is a 2GB Fuze v1.

I have a similar problem, reported here.

It would be interesting to know whether all of you who see these freezes have a v1 Fuze. If so, it might be a firmware issue with the older models.



P.S.: Mine is a 2Gb v1 Fuze (fw 1.01.22), just like swimb’s…