Just got my Express and having problems please help!

OK so i just got my express player and i’m having issues putting music on to it. I’ve used every music player program i have on my computer and most of my songs won’t upload. There all mp3 files like the couple i’ve managed to put on there but i cant figure out how to get anymore then like 10 to upload. I’ve even tried using winamp and it freezes and shuts down when i try to use it for that. What program do u guys use to put songs onto your mp3 player, or do u know of anywhere i can use to convert the files to something else that this player supports? Possibly is there some other way or trick or something i dont know of? I’m getting a little frustrated and would really like to enjoy my new mp3 player. Any help someone can offer i would highly appreciate.

WinAMP should work just fine.

Have you tried formatting the player?  Usually resolves issues like this.  Format can be found under Setting on the player itself.