Just Got Clip+

Just received it. I was a bit concerned after I ordered when I read about FM reception, but this one seems ok, I get my preferred 91.5 in Burlington NC fine. The classical station (89.7), isn’t good on any receiver, I can pick it up but station comes in and out, but did on the old clip. 

Firmware is 1.02.16a which appears to be the latest. The folder menu shows songs added in MTP which do not show on computer (I use MSC).

One thing Sansa should note, although I have no use for the included software and didn’t load it, mini CD discs cannot be used in many machines particularly certain laptops (unless there is an adapter I’m not aware of).

If your laptop’s optical drive has a spindle in the center of the tray, just snap the disc onto the spindle. Most other drives without a spindle (i.e. the motor stays inside the drive when the tray is ejected) have a minidisc-sized depression in the center of the tray. Just set the disc in the depression and it should load fine.

Drive with spindle:

Drive without spindle:

My laptop and others (car radios particularly), don’t have a tray, just a slot. The drive eats the disc and you have to hope it pops out when you eject it.

Use the disc as a coaster for a cold beverage, a frisbee or a target at the gun range. It doesn’t have anything on it but a free Rhapsody trial and maybe a .pdf of the Quick Start Guide anyway. Most players don’t even come with them anymore.

As to songs not showing on your computer:  the computer will only show files added to the player that were added under the USB mode (MSC or MTP) that the computer then is connected to the player under.  A good reason to use one mode consistently and to avoid Auto mode (that will try to connect under MTP mode but then fall back to MSC mode if necessary).