Just got an 8Gb Fuze - Few problems

Hi, as title says.  Just got it out of the box and plugged it straight into my computer to charge it up.  It powers up fine, status changes from ‘Writing’ to ‘Connected’ and the yellow charging signal shows on the screen, and the battery starts flashing.  But after about 30sec-1min it stops charging but the battery indicator shows only 3/4 full.

My other question is, is the thumb wheel meant to feel really flimsy and loose.  My girlfriend had an e200 a while ago and that thumbwheel was nice and tight, and clicked when you turned it.

Any help appreciated,


I’m having a bit of trouble with my scroll wheel as well. It used to feel tight, and bumps when I moved it, but then it started sticking, and I have to blow air into it to make it move (at which time it feels loose). I contacted Sandisk Support about this. But I’d wait until you have some input from some other more experienced users.

As suggested on other threads that mention battery trouble, once it’s done charging, allow it to run the battery all the way down until it shuts itself off (it will shut itself off when the battery gets too low). Next, charge it uninterupted until the battery stops flashing and the lightening bolt disappears. This should fix your battery problem. If not, either exchange it for a new one (you might have gotten a lemon, every line of popular device has one), or contact Sandisk support. 

I think I’ve rendered the charging problem, I did have it set to Auto detect, but tried changing it to MSC and it seems to be charging ok.

As for the wheel, mine just feels very loose and flimsy, and the only comparison I can make is with the e200 that my gf had a while ago, that wheel felt really tight, and clicked each time you moved it, this feels like a a 2c piece of crap.

Compared against the e200 series, which have a mechanical wiper for the scroll wheel, the Fize and View have a softer scroll wheel, which is a combination scroll and “rocker” for the four main button functions.  It feels looser, as it must both rotate and allow rocking for the button functions.

The charging function is interesting.  Remember that the Fuze’s processor handles both battery management and communication, and if there’s a problem on the data side, the processor may be diverted from charging. 

The most robust communications mode is MSC, in which the Sansa is seen by the computer as a flash drive.  MTP, or Media Transfer Protocol, is a mode requiring Windows Media Player 10 or later, in which the Sansa is seen as a media device.

In either mode, you can see if charging is progressing normally by looking at the battery icon.  When charging, you’ll see the connected logo, and the rolling arrows, or with the latest firmware build, the scrolling four color sansa logo.  As the battery charges, the lightning bolt is displayed, plus the green battery will flash.  When done, you’ll have a solid green battery.

If the computer cannot provide enough current to the device, or breaks the communication session, charging may be interrupted.

If the device is plugged in, you can open the Device Manager in one of many ways, either via Control Panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager, or by starting with the shortcut [Windows Key] + [Pause/Break] then follow the same line.

If the Sansa is connected in MTP mode, you’ll see it listed under Portable Devices, or in any case (including MSC) it is usually found as one of the bottom devices listed in Universal Serial Bus Controllers, as one of the hubs.  Look for any wee yellow triangles, meaning that there’s a problem communicating with the device.

Often, the front-of-PC USB ports are connected with a cheesy jumper wire, and won’t supply the needed current for the Sansa.  You can try using one of the rear mounted ports.

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