Just bought won't even turn on

I bought this POS to replace my Creative Zen. I knew in my heart I should just stuck with Creative.

So, I bought it, plugged it in to charge. My computer does recongize it, it shows it is charged completely. Once unplugged it will not turn on. I have tried to reset and a wirtualne biurofew other things list on the forums to try. Still nothing.

Also, while charging I added an audiobook from Audible, and going through the files on the computer, it doesn’t even show the book that was added. It only shows the crap that was put on there by Sandisk. UGH… I haven’t had this thing a few hours and I already hate it.

Patiently waiting for CS to open.

Any additional suggestions outside of throwing it into a landfill?

If you bought it new it’s under warranty from SanDisk and probably from your seller.  Just take it back if you got a lemon.

If you got a refurb then you’re at the mercy of the seller. SanDIsk doesn’t do factory refurbs.

As for the audiobook, the Fuze has two USB modes, MTP and MSC. Your computer can only see one at a time, though the Fuze sees both.

The preloaded songs are sent over via MTP, which lets Windows Media Player connect to the Fuze in a (not always good) imitation of iTunes/iPod.

I don’t use Audible, but maybe it sends books over in MSC.  To force MSC, slide the power switch down into Hold position, connect cord to computer, open Windows Explorer (Computer or My Computer), hold down the << side of the wheel, connect the Fuze connector and you should be connected in MSC mode.

But if the battery’s not working, just exchange it. If you’re planning to just toss it out I’m sure someone on this forum will take it off your hands for spare parts.