Just bought won't even turn on

I bought this POS to replace my Creative Zen. I knew in my heart I should just stuck with Creative.

So, I bought it, plugged it in to charge. My computer does recongize it, it shows it is charged completely. Once unplugged it will not turn on. I have tried to reset and a few other things list on the forums to try. Still nothing.

Also, while charging I added an audiobook from Audible, and going through the files on the computer, it doesn’t even show the book that was added. It only shows the ■■■■ that was put on there by Sandisk. UGH… I haven’t had this thing a few hours and I already hate it.

Patiently waiting for CS to open.

Any additional suggestions outside of throwing it into a landfill?

How 'bout returning it and getting another (or buying what you want in the 1st place)?

It should turn on when you push up the power button. If it doesn’t it’s defective. Just make sure you’ve pushed the button all the way up. You can just flick it up, or you can hold it–either way, it should turn on immediately.

The files from SanDisk were put on in MTP mode. The files you added while charging were in MSC mode. The Fuze sees both. Your computer only sees one at a time.

Settings/System Settings/USB mode  and MSC should show you the Audible. Auto Detect, the original setting,  goes to MTP if you have Windows Media Player (10 or above) on your computer.  Auto Detect is widely hated here.

But sure, take it back. Better the devil you know…