Just bought the Sansa Clip 2 GB (so far so good)

I just bought the Blue Sansa Clip 2 GB from Walmart on line and got it on Wednesday. I charged it over night and put music on it this morning before going for my walk. Everything went good.

It sounds great and I’m surprised that I liked the ear buds.

I didn’t even realize that it had a radio. How cool.

Will post again if I have questions as I’m still trying to find my way around with all the options. :slight_smile:

Susie in northern NY

glad you like the clip! it is a pretty nifty player.

Yes, it is nifty. I’ve used it a few more times and it is becoming a lot easier to find

my way around.

My old MP3 player was an RCA Kazoo and it became obsolete when they got rid of Music Match. You had

to have that to put music on it. I bought a little card for it and it would hold about 60 mp3’s. I can’t seem to fill the Sansa Clip even half full. :slight_smile:

I’m loving it,