Just a nasty question that doesn't have essential purpose!

Hi just to be little nasty and critic for nothing but sometime is pleasant to make little philosophy on non-essential subject.

The model name of the Sansa e200 series are

e250 for the 2G

e260 for the 4G

e270 for the 6G

e280 for the 8G

why it is not follw a rule where the capacity is reflected in the model number like:

e220 for the 2G

e240 for the 4G

e260 for the 6G

e280 for the 8G

It probably have a marketing reason. If thi reason can be public, it can be funny to know it!


eh who knows?

dont know but who cares e200 kicks @$$

higher numbers are cooler :open_mouth:

Probably just internal nomenclature.

That’s too much thinking for me…

*Turns on E270 and jams out until neck breaks*

The only thing that I can think of is that they were following the same naming method that they used with their previous MP3 players. Before they had a 1 GB or higher MP3 player. Heck I remember that they had several 512 MB capacity players. What would they have called those models if they followed the above mentioned naming method?