Juice Podcast to Clip

I’m using Juice to get my podcasts but I can’t figure out how to get my new podcasts to my Clip.  Please hlp.

Select your media player within the Juice interface.  I use Windows Media Player.  Then, WiMP will synchronize your podcasts to your Clip.

You can set Juice to send the podcasts to WiMP, and manually open My Library using Windows Explorer, then drag the podcasts over if you wish.

I recommend simply setting up with WiMP.

Bob  :wink:

I just drag and drop 'em.  (Well, actually, I also have a short batch file on my desktop, that, when I click it, copies what’s in my Juice download folder to my e drive; a nice, automated process.  And I have a separate file that then deletes what was transferred (I wanted to keep the 2 processes separate, in case I wanted to keep the downloaded files on my computer).)